4 must-have pages for your therapy website

your about me page

Diving into this series (4 must have pages for your therapy website) a bit further, we now come to your “about me” page.

This is where so many of my clients feel stumped.

Most of my clients jump right into talking about all their counselling qualifications, degrees and certifications.  Why not.. you’ve worked so hard for these, right?

And yes, whilst these are important and people do often want to know about them when looking for a therapist, it’s not the first thing they need to read.


It’s about them, not you.

When writing your about me page, the beginning should be about your clients and how you’re going to create a transformation for them through your therapies or coaching services.

Show them how you’re going to solve their problem before anything else.


Show ’em what you stand for.

Once you’ve done that, you can then move on to showing them what you stand for. Let them in on your vision and mission. What drives you to help them and why you’re so passionate about what you do.


List your qualifications

Then… then you can tell them what your qualifications are and why are you the most qualified to help them.


Tell your story

Lastly, you can share your story. Some people won’t make it that far down the page, but the ones who really want to know about you will. Sharing your story can be crucial to giving people a widow into your life and it backs up why you choose to do what you do. It also makes you human and relatable.


Show your face

And, as scary as it sounds, you do need to have a picture of you somewhere on the page. I would suggest a professional one towards the top, and then some personal photos in your story section.

I know…I know…. you’re worried that you might look egotistical if your pictures are all over your about me page, but trust me, it’s not. People need to know who you are and whose story they’re reading.. they need a connection. You don’t have to put 20 pictures of you on there, but a couple will really make the difference. Trust me!


Still feeling a wee bit stuck?

Head on over to my about me page, where you can see this formula in action:

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