4 must-have pages for your therapy website

your contact page

  Going further into this series (4 must have pages for your therapy website), we now come to your “contact” page.


This one is short and sweet.  yay!


Your contact page should be a place where people can connect with you. You don’t need to throw in the kitchen sink, just keep it simple.

You should list all your contact details as well as a way for them to connect to you on social media. Here’s where a lot of my clients like to put a bit of their Instagram feed.

If you have a bricks & mortar therapy practice, having a Google Map section is really important, along with some written directions.

I also like to put a link to my scheduler incase people are ready to book a discovery call right then and there.  Why make them email you and then set up a time?  Remove those steps so they can book straight away if they’re ready.

And, a little something I’ve noticed in my business (and especially if you have a WordPress site) is that even if you have anti spam, like captcha on your contact forms, you’re still going to get an absolute ton of spam.  Plus, you’ll have to make sure your form complies with the GDPR since it’s a form of data collection. One thing I’ve done to avoid all of this is to remove my contact form from my website. I know… scandalous, right?   But I’ve found that the people who want to contact me… the people people who want to set up time to talk with me, rarely use my contact form anyways.

And this concludes my series on the 4 must have pages for your therapy website. If you have any questions, just email me at and I’d be happy to help.


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