4 must-have pages for your therapy website

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I love diving into a topic further… so I’m not going to just tell you the 4 must-have pages for your therapy website, I’m actually going a bit further to tell you what to put on each.

Not everyone that visits your site will want to go through your home page. Sometimes people want to jump to what it is they’re looking for (we’ll discuss site organisation and customer journeys another time).

But, most people will want to get to know a bit more about you and your practice first.

Consider your home page an introduction to you and your business. It should be like an overview of what people can expect to find on your site.

It should include:

An introduction

Let them see who you are and let them know what you do, straight away. It helps either confirm they’re in the right place or it sends those away who aren’t your ideal client. You should show your face, so it builds trust straight away. You can do this through a headshot or a video introduction. Put a button here that links to your about me page.


How you can help

Include a brief section about how you can help others. This makes your message crystal clear from the get-go. They know what you are about and how you can help them. Put a button here that either links to your services page or to schedule a free call with you.


A free offer

If you have a free offer, now is a good time to offer it. Some will argue here and say that your offer should be at the top of the screen above the fold line. You may find that works for you better. But I believe, that until you are very well known, you should not jump into asking for people’s email address in exchange for a freebie, but instead introduce yourself first. You can also do a bit of A/B testing to see what works best for you.



Here’s where you can put some reviews or testimonials, to build trust and to let your audience see the transformation you were able to make for others. (um… I know this can be hard as sometimes clients don’t want to share their names or photos… following up on this with a blog post soon!)



At the bottom of the home pages I design, I like to put more information for the user. Here’s where you can put information about your blog and information on how they can follow you on social media.

Click HERE to learn more about your About Me page and what your therapy clients want to see here.


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