4 must-have pages for your therapy website

your services page

Going further into this series (4 must have pages for your therapy website), we now come to your “services” page.

Here’s where you need to get absolutely crystal clear about how you can help others.

Some site visitors will go straight to this page first, so it’s worth starting with a teeny intro at the top.


First, introduce yourself.

With a quick image or video, be very clear about who you are, what you do and who you help. Here’s a great place to insert your magnetic sentence. Don’t have a magnetic sentence? I’ve got you covered. Click HERE to watch the video where I take you step-by-step in creating it.


Secondly, it’s time to talk about the different services you offer.

List them out in a way that is visually appealing and very easy to read.  Try and answer any questions you can in a FAQ section to avoid having to answer them later.


Prices… to list or not to list… 

Soooo many of my clients struggle with this… and ultimately it is up to you. There are two minds of this, really.


Option 1. Don’t list your prices.

If you don’t list your prices, you remain a bit of a mystery. It all depends on who it is you’re trying to serve. If you offer corporate programs to help with employees, offering things like workshops or individual therapies, then you may not want to list the prices as this could be a very bespoke thing.

You may be better off saying “prices from…. ” and then let them contact you for further information.

The upside is that it leaves you space to negotiate and build more bespoke packages for your clients.

Option 2. List your prices

I think that if you’re going to build trust, it’s better to show your prices upfront. I do a mixture of both.

I have an a la carte menu, some package pricing and then I offer for clients to book a free chat with me so I can build them a bespoke quote…. this works for branding and web design but not always for therapists.

However, the last thing you want to have is a bunch of discovery calls with potential clients, only for them to freak out when they hear your prices. That’s a lot of time wasted for both you and for them.

When you have at least an idea of your prices on your website, it acts like a filter. Those who definitely would not pay what you’re asking will be filtered out. Those who would pay, feel comfortable and prepared when they book some time to talk with you.

That way, when you get on a call, you already have someone that is not only interested, but they’re already aware, or at least generally aware of what they’re likely to pay and you can move swiftly on.

I’m not a huge one for persuading people. I don’t want to manipulate, persuade or convince someone to work with me. Being honest about my prices up front allows me to focus on the more important things during the call. And, I know the people who are contacting me already want to work with me and aren’t worried about what I’m charging.

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