4 must-have pages for your therapy website

Clients come to me sometimes wondering what they need to have on their site. Whilst you can certainly have more than what I mention here, these are the things people will be looking for…

1. Home page

this is like an overview of your site. Some people are interested, and some skip to where they need to go. But, it’s a great place to introduce yourself to the visitor, tell them about your site and what you do and who you help.

2. About me page 

This is a tricky one. Most of my clients jump right into talking about all their counselling qualifications, degrees and certifications. And yes, these are important and people do often want to know about them when looking for a therapist, but it’s not the first thing they need to hear. When writing your about me page, the beginning should be about them and how you’re going to create a transformation for them through your therapies or coaching services. Make it about them and how you’re going to solve their problem first and foremost.

Then move into your vision and mission, followed up by your qualifications and your story.

Want to see this in action? Hop on over to my site at and have a look at how I’ve done it.


3. Services or Therapies you offer

People want to know how you can help them so be very clear about your services, what they are, what benefit they create and how much you charge. Some people cringe when I say this.. so I’ll leave it up to you, but by being honest about your prices, saves you time and shows your audience that you’re being upfront with them. When they get on a connection call with you, they’ll already know what to expect to be charged.


4. Contact page

People need to know the best way to get a hold of you. If you have an office, give the location. Make sure they can contact you by phone, email and how they can set up a connection call to take it one step further if they’re ready.


Here are some other things to consider including on your therapy site:

Blog – it’s a great way to build trust by sharing some really helpful info with your potential clients. They get to know you a bit better and see that you’re willing to help. If you give them some helpful things they can try, and they work, then they may be willing to take the next step with you.

Free opt-ins – it gets people on your email list so you can communicate with them further… and let’s them know that you’re here to help them.. even if it’s for free.

Video– So many people hate this suggestion but it’s a big one. First, let me say that no you will not look egotistical by sharing a video of yourself. As you know, from running your therapy practice, that working with clients is a very intimate thing. They choose you, over going with someone else, because they feel they can trust you, open up to you and feel comfortable with you. They are trusting you with things they maybe have never told anyone. So, by getting on video, they get to see your mannerisms, hear your voice, feel your vibe and energy…. all important things for them to understand before they’d be likely to book with you.


And, if you’re wondering what to have on each page,  I’m one step ahead of you. I’ve written 4 more posts in this series breaking down what should go on each page. YAY!  To find out what you should include on your home page, just click HERE.


If you’re struggling with your site or are ready for a new look and feel for your site or brand, let’s chat.  The link to book your free 15 minute session is below. 


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