5 essential tools for your online coaching practice

Where  to start?


When I went fully online, there was a lot of things I didn’t know that I needed to have. Tools that would make my life easier, make serving clients easier and save me oodles of time. I’m here to tell you which tools you need to get you going.

You may find that you like other platforms than the ones I use, and that’s totally okay…

***For the full list of tools, download my free PDF checklist right HERE and no… I don’t need your email adress.. this one is on the house!***

I go a little more in depth on each tool I use in my video below. Otherwise see below for more info 😉


 No. 1 Business email

It’s best if you can have a branded email address like mine: where I have my domain as part of the email. If you don’t have a domain, you could also do something like or something like that. But, you need an email address for work that is separate from  your personal email.


No. 2 Business calendar

There are billions of platforms out there for calendars. You can use your Samsung or iOS calendar or Outlook or whatever your preference. I use Google Calendars, simply because I have a Mac that I work on, buy my phone is android, and I can use Google Calendars on both… so all my stuff can talk together 🙂


No. 3 Online scheduler

You need an easy way to book appointments with clients, especially if you serve clients in different time zones and want potential clients to book discovery calls. I use 10 to 8 (I’m not an affiliate). It’s got a great free version that has suited my purposes wonderfully. Click HERE to check it out.

No. 4 Online meeting platform

When you’re conducting your client or discovery calls, you need to have an online platform to use to chat. Some people use Facetime or Messenger video or Skype or Whatsapp. I prefer to use Zoom (again, I’m not an affiliate here) because it is easy, it allows you to record meetings and screen share, and you can book them out in advance. They also have a handy way of sharing the meeting details with others and for logging in. This is also a great plaform to host group coaching calls as you can have multiple callers in at the same time. Want to learn more? Just click HERE.


No. 5 Video Recording

I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again,  you must be willing to stand in front of your brand. Show your visitors who you are and introduce yourself. You can do this with headshots or video. Either way, if you expect people to pay for your products, services, book that appointment or sign up to your email list, then they need to know who the heck you are.

Need some help here? Click HERE to read my link about getting the perfect headshot.


Any questions, just give me a shout!  Watch the video above for a more in depth explanation of all the tools on the PDF. 

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