5 ways to be more personable in your brand No. 2

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 Make your brand more personable No. 2


We’re so used to typing, texting, emailing, because it’s easy and fast, right?  We don’t even talk on the phone much any more because that times time to schedule and coordinate… I find this especially tricky as my clients are in so many different time zones (beauty of the internet ;))

A great way to communicate with your clients, past clients and potential clients is to leave voice messages.

It sounds too simple and stupid to have any real impact, but trust me it does!!

When I first started using voice messages, you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that were blown away by it.

Clients would say things like, “Wow, I didn’t even know you could do that” and “So great to hear your voice” and “What a nice touch” and so on.

My clients love it, and then they start doing it too!

You may not always have the time to sit on the phone, or if you’re like me with all the different time zones it can often feel difficult to connect.  So, leaving a voice message is the next best thing.

-It helps you stand out.

-It shows your clients that you are interested in them and taking time out of your day to connect with them.

-It shows them that you’re giving that little bit more attention and care.

-It helps build trust.

Here’s how I do it…..

I use FB Messeger (but you could use your voice app on your phone and upload it—a bit more work, but it still works!)

If you leave voice messages through Messenger…. it will only let you leave them at 1 minute intervals. Kinda sucks. But, if you click on the cog icon in the messenger window you have open with your client, it will ask you if you’d like to open the window in Messenger. Click on this option and then it opens Messenger to the whole screen.

When the whole screen is open, you can then go to the bottom, click on the microphone and leave a message for much much longer.

I use voice messages when communicating with my current clients, past clients, and potential clients. I also use it when people join my FB group. I’ll send them a little voice message, using their name and welcome and thank them for joining my group.

If someone adds you on LinkedIn, leave them a voice message and introduce yourself, etc..

The possibilities here are really endless.

Have you tried this yet? Trust me, you’re gonna love it!


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