5 ways to be more personable in your brand No. 3


 Make your brand more personable No. 3


This can be a really intimidating things for a lot of my clients and it was for me as well.

In the beginning of STUDIOKTR, I was a photographer. I was the one taking the pictures, but when it my turn to get my headshots taken I could finally relate to what my clients were feeling… which was complete DREAD and FEAR.

And if you’re a parent, more than likely you’re the one always taking the pictures too.

But, your audience needs to make a connection with you. They need to know who you are.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone to websites looking for a service or product, and it’s felt totally impersonal. I had no idea who was behind the business.

As an entrepreneur, there are going to be times where you’ll want to offer your products/services online. The world really is your oyster. But that also means your clients could be anywhere. How the heck are they gonna trust to send their money to you if they don’t know who you are?!

It doesn’t matter if your online offering is small or large, you need to have that trust.

But, like my first topic in this series (Video), it can feel really intimidating to put yourself out there.

Now.. if you’re anything like my clients, not only are you super critical of how you look in photos, but you’re also terrified of getting them taken.

And, I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve heard things like, “Oh god, if I put my pictures all over my website, I’m gonna come across as having a huge ego.”

There is a balance. You don’t have to have your picture in every corner of every section of your site. That’s overkill.

But, you do need to show up and people need to see who you are.  (psst…Before you get those photos taken, I have it all sorted for you, have a read HERE.)

It’s not just about putting your face on your site, but also putting it on your social media accounts.. so that your audience can see there’s a real person behind the business.

You can also use the following types of photos to make real connections with your audience:
-Photos of your family (if you’re comfortable doing this)
-Your pet
-Your holidays
-Where you live
-Your office
-Behind the scenes of what you do

Using photos in this way helps your audience relate to you and your life and it goes beyond what you’re trying to sell.

And lastly, unless you’ve invented some crazy product or service that’s never been seen or offered before, chances are there are others out there who do what you do. I’m not about competition here, I’m about connection. It’s not about competing with someone else, it’s about putting yourself out there, so that the people you can support (the people who are the right fit for you) can find you.

Have you put pictures of you on your site and social media?

Follow the link HERE to learn more about my next step in making your brand more personable.

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