5 ways to be more personable in your brand No. 5

remember the little things

 Make your brand more personable No. 5


You may not be able to do this with everyone, if you have a big following, etc… but notice the little things about clients… like someone who had a loss in their family, or if you know they’re getting married, they’re going on holiday, they are recovering from surgery, or it’s their birthday…

Here are some ideas…

-Leave voice messages (if you missed that post read more HERE) before the event and wish them good luck, or check in on them after something happens.
-Send them a little note or a card in the post
-Put their birthdays on your calendar and make an effort to wish them a happy day
-send them a picture or a gif that reminded you of them or something they’re going through

Show them that you’ve listened to them, that you value you them. This is great for past clients too… don’t just do this with people who are your clients or who might be your client. Do this with the people that have already worked with you. Show them that although your time is finished together, that you still care about them and not just about the money they paid you.

It’s a wonderful way to not only stand out, but to show people that you care.

And that wraps up my 5 ways to be more personable in your brand. It’s not just about your visuals and your copy, it’s about how you make others feel.

When your brand is more personable, it leaves others feeling good, helps you to stand out, and builds trust in who you are and what you can offer.

Are you already doing this in your brand?

All my love,

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