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Welcome to STUDIOKTR, my home office in the UK, where I transform brands and websites for therapists, coaches and nutritionists the world round (and often find myself treading on Lego).

I’m a Brand Stylist and Coach, expat, lover of tea and travel, intuitive, and mom, who is determined to help you discover who you really are, so you can help others doing what you love.

I use a combination of archetypal and energetic profiling to help you uncover the unique essence that is you, so we can co-create a brand and website that are powerful, authentic, and feel good.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let’s chat. I offer free 15 minute brand reviews where we discuss you and your business and how I can help. I want you to walk away with a real idea of what your business needs, even if we don’t work together. Book your time today!

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It is my personal mission to bring more light to this world. How I choose to do that is by helping conscious entrepreneurs like you, create real change. The world needs you now and the world needs you to succeed.

But in order for you to succeed in business, you need to stand in your truth. It’s the only way forward.

I am here to help you uncover who you really are by taking a look at your most dominant archetypes and your natural energy. When you discover who you really are, you then have a way of creating a brand that is true to you and you can step out into the world with confidence in who you are and what you offer.


for YOU

You have limitless potential for success (even if you can’t see it or believe it). Success can often send us running for the hills because it’s not something we think we deserve, think we can handle or think we can achieve.

But I’m here to tell you it is possible and you already have all the elements within you to get there. I’m here to help you discover them, apply them to your brand and show you how to stand in your truth.

When you show up as the real you in all areas of your business, you make genuine connections, stand out and attract clients in a far more effortless way.  Your confidence increases and you start taking bigger opportunities to help your business grow.



I have a degree in Advertising and Management Information Systems, and a TON of experience as a buyer and product developer. I am gratefully loved and supported by my husband, two cheeky boys and sloppy Labrador called Archie.

I was born and raised in Minnesota, USA but have spent much of my adult life moving around. My gypsy soul and love of travel is definitely to blame!

Most days you’ll find me sipping organic tea in my home office here in the UK, working with some pretty amazing entrepreneurs around the world.

Yoga, meditation, and Reiki have become daily staples in my routine and the calmness and clarity they provide are reflected in my style of clean and simple design.





I’ve always had a spiritual knowing, but if you don’t heed the warnings and signs, then life has this funny way of pulling the rug out from under you.

My journey started when my husband and I got married and I moved to the UK (from the US), where he’s from. Two years later we welcomed my first son and a quick 20 months later, our second son.

life got pretty busy

With no family support, I left my new job in the UK to be a stay-at-home mum.

When my second son started pre-school, the rug was pulled hard and I landed spectacularly into a heap on the floor. Suddenly my role had changed and I wasn’t on demand with the kids as I once was….I had a bit of freedom…but with that freedom came the realisation that…

i didn’t know who i was

I had lost myself somewhere in the crazy transition from being Katie Dropik, career woman with family and friends in the US to being Kate Remmer, stay-at-home mum, no family nearby, few friends, in the UK.

I hadn’t noticed before, because I had been so busy and it all happened so fast.

I dove headfirst into yoga and meditation to ease my anxiety and read nearly every spiritual book on the planet.

I started asking myself,  “Who am I?”, “What do I want?”, and “What is my purpose?”

I started my business as a photographer, because it was my passion. That evolved into creating brands and websites after I designed my own and realised it was something I’d love to help others do (and finally putting my degree to good use).

Now I have the pleasure of working with and supporting other passionate entrepreneurs who want to make a real difference in this world and I’ve never looked back.

I am learning that who I am is completely location and job independent. Who I am is already in me, always has been. I only have to go within, to go home.


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