Applying your brand personality to your blog

+ 6 ways to improve your blog

If you’ve worked with me before, you know that I LOVE using brand personalities/archetypes to define your branding and really give your business a voice. But, you have to actually use that voice to keep your business consistent and built trust. Having a blog is a POWERFUL way to do that.

Blogging is becoming an expected part of pretty much any business’s offerings. People expect to see a blog page as much as an about me page on your website.  Your audience will want to connect to you and understand your business, and having a blog is a great way to do that. Not only can you offer information that will help your readers, but you build trust and establish yourself as an expert in what you do too.

Here are some essential tips to transform your blog and connect to your audience:

No. 1: Make your blog easy-to-use and navigate.

There’s nothing worse than getting to a site and not being sure where to go. You’ll drop your audience like a hot potato if it takes them too long to figure out where they’re going.

No. 2: Repsonsive

Make sure your blog looks good and works on all devices. A HUGE amount of my readers use mobile devices, how about yours?  (psst you can get this info from your Google Analytics. Click HERE to get started.)

No. 3: Internal Links

Use your blog as a way to connect readers to your other blog entries or other pages on your site. It also helps with the bots that crawl your site….a great help if you’re your looking to improve your SEO.  For more info, click HERE.

No. 4: External links

Use external links to further resources…not only does this help your reader, but it helps them to see your honesty and willingness to direct them to more help. Plus, it gives people the option to get more info when you don’t want do dive too deep into a particular subject.

No. 5: Freebies!!

If you want to summon visitors to your blog, giving something away is ALWAYS a big winner! Plus this helps spread the word about your blog. People are likely to share something that is free (if they find it has the value) with other friends on social media.

No. 6: CTAs

Call-to-actions help readers take that next step beyond your blog. It’s a way to direct them to take action, like signing-up for a newsletter, making a purchase, downloading a checklist, etc…


Once your blog has all of the essentials in place, it’s time to make sure your brand’s personality is woven into the fabric of each blog post. Make sure the colours, imagery, graphics and voice for your brand are clearly represented in your post.

Example: If your brand is a bubbly child archetype, then make sure you’re using words, colours, imagery and graphics that are bright, fun and lively to stay consistent and build trust with your audience.

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