how to get better at video for your online coaching business



Are you afraid of getting on video? 

Are you terrified to have those long gaps of silence? 

Worried you might mess up or forget what you’re sayin’?

I had all these concerns too!

Have a watch of my video below to help you get better on video yourself. Not interested in watching? Just scroll below for the transcript 🙂

Before you get started on video, you need to accept a few things first… 


Accept the way that you look. If it makes you more confident to put makeup on, do your hair, dress up, etc.. go ahead and do that. But, you have to accept the way you look. 

As women, we are often very very hard on ourselves… and if you’re a mum like me, you’re usually the one behind the camera, not in front.. so you’re not really used to seeing and hearing yourself. 

Be kind to yourself… don’t be hard on yourself… and understand that you’re just gonna have to get over it if you want to be more confident and better at video. 

It will take time, and that’s okay. It’s normal and natural. 

Accept the way that you sound. I don’t like the sound of my own voice and often think the recordings sound different than my real voice.   You will cringe, but you will get used to it. 

You will mess up. On pre-recorded video, it doesn’t matter… you can do as many takes as you want. But, when you start doing FB lives, you may fear that you’re going to mess up. 

Guess what?  You will… it will happen, guarenteed!  But, you won’t die. I mess up all the time and I just don’t care any more. So, laugh it off and just move on. Once it happens the first time, you’ll realise it’s not as bad as you thought. 

4. Make eye contact with the camera to connect with your audience.  

How you can get better on video for your online coaching practice.

No. 1 Practice

Practice over and over and over. Don’t worry about FB lives when you start. Just practice. Keep the videos and watch them back to see how much more comfortable you get over time. 


No. 2 Create Tension

Build tension in your body and face. Squeeze every muscle in your body and clench your teeth, then release it all and then hit “record” …. it really relaxes you before starting.


No. 3 Start Small

Do pre-recorded videos, then move on to FB lives… but start your FB lives in your group first, then move on to doing FB lives in other groups (where permitted) and on your FB business page. 


No. 4 Keep notes

Don’t read everything verbatum, but keep a small set of notes on the side, so you can stay on track and help eliminate those moments where you forget what you’re saying.


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