Limiting beliefs that will hijack your business journey

+ 3 steps to overcome them

plural noun: beliefs
  1. an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.
    “his belief in extraterrestrial life”

Limiting beliefs are “truths” we believe/assume to be true, based on meanings we have attached to situations or people. A lot of this happens when we’re children, and we don’t understand what’s happening in a given situation. We attach a meaning to a situation based on an incorrect conclusion we have drawn. Most limiting beliefs are about ourselves. We incorrectly conclude that we have done something wrong/it’s our fault, or there’s something wrong with us. Limiting beliefs can also come from parents, friends, families, teachers, the culture in which you were raised, religions, communities, etc….. They can also be about money and relationships, business, other religions, cultures and so on. Most of the time we don’t even realise we hold these beliefs until someone points them out to us or we do some detective work.

Limiting beliefs can affect all areas of your life, including your business.

Examples of very common limiting beliefs are:

-I don’t have enough money/time/expertise, etc.. to start a business

-It would make me a selfish parent to start my own business

-I wouldn’t be able to be both a good parent and a successful entrepreneur

-I’m not good enough

-I’m not capable enough

-I’m not worthy enough

-I’m not an expert/I don’t have the qualifications, so why would people take me seriously

-Failure and making mistakes are bad and should be avoided

-The market I want to enter is saturated and there’s no room for me and my business

-Everyone else has it all figured out and I’m only beginning

-I’m making a career change later in life and it will take me too long to catch up to everyone else

-I don’t know how to begin, so I’m not going to even start

-I feel like a fraud, because I’m not an expert

-I’m too old to start something new

-I’m too busy with the kids and can’t find the time

-Money is dirty

-I can’t ever finish anything, so why begin

-I’m not good enough at what I do, so I’m going to offer lower rates or lots of discounts

-Success is scary and I’m not sure what I’d do if I were successful

-Change is hard/negative/bad

-I’m different and don’t fit in with others in my field

-No one will want the gift I have to offer

I’m not good enough!

One example of a MAJOR limiting belief that has MAJORLY impacted my life is “I’m not good enough.” Through small, multiple events in my childhood and throughout my life, I incorrectly concluded that “I’m not good enough” when I failed at something, was told off by my parents, got in trouble at school, when people were upset with me, etc…  This belief eventually lead to “I’m not capable” and “I’m not worthy” and “I won’t be able to cope.” I tried to avoid making mistakes or hurting someone’s feelings. I avoided new activities if I knew I wouldn’t be good at them from the get-go. I limited my driving because I was worried that maybe I wasn’t good enough and might be a danger on the road.  I even felt like being a good parent and coping with parenthood wouldn’t be possible for me. It also led me to believe that because I had taken time off from work to have my children, that no one would want me when I was ready to return to work.

Sometimes we are aware we have these limiting beliefs, but still don’t do anything to change them, because they feel like part of our story or part of who we are and that they are set in stone.

You’d be amazed at what will show up for you on your journey, if you can dig deep and learn to release these beliefs.

I’m by not a trained psychologist or therapist, but here are three things that I do to help release my own limiting beliefs:

  1. Acceptance: Accepting I have these beliefs and accepting that I am the one that created/believed them. Accepting them as they are in my life right now without judgement of myself for having or making them.
  2. Understanding:For some people, just knowing they have the limiting belief is enough to dispel the belief.  For me, I needed to understand a bit more about them and why I had them, so when they surfaced, I really knew what they were and how they got there. It’s like holding a candle and illuminating the darker corners of your mind so that you can see them for what they really are. You may not be able to remember where they all came from, but understanding them creates the ability to let them go when they arise in your mind. If you discover that you may have these beliefs from situations in the past with friends or parents, please try not to point a finger of blame. I try to remember that people are only doing the best with what they know and it is us who are ultimately responsible for what we believe.
  3. Change: This is all about knowing I don’t have to believe these limiting beliefs any more.Wow…WHAT?!?! Really understanding that I held the power all along, and that I can change what I believe is some seriously powerful stuff.

A tip to remember is to be patient and kind to yourself in this process–some of these beliefs have been with us our whole lives.

And, if you experienced trauma or your beliefs are deep or you need help uncovering them, seek help. Seek support from a business/life coach or therapist, talk with a friend or partner, or get connected with other mum/solo/parent-preneurs. You’d be surprised at how many people have been blocked by these beliefs and can offer an ear/shoulder/advice, etc….

When you uncover some of these limiting beliefs, you’ll make your journey, both business and personal, a lot more enjoyable, spontaneous, and free.

What are some of your limiting beliefs and how have you overcome them? I’d love to hear!  Just comment below or shoot me a message:

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