Master your message in 3 steps

Step 1: Y-O-U

On my first day at a corporate HQ of a well known brand in San Fran, they spoke all about their motto of “You be You”.  Very corporate. They didn’t actually mean “you be you”..what they meant was, “you be you as long as it’s within the unspoken parameters of what we find acceptable and what we’d like our business to represent”.

And, I think this mindset is how we unconsciously show up in our brands too. We’re afraid to step out and show ourselves, incase we’re not acceptable. We emulate what’s already out there in the online world because it seems to be working for others, or it’s what we think our audience expects.

This creates the following issues:
-blending into the background and not standing out
-attracting clients that aren’t buying because of who you are, they’re buying because of price or some other reason
-you diluting your unique skills and gifts
-low confidence

The latest and greatest of the marketing industry tell us that in order to attract clients, we need to be “authentic” (ah-hem..guilty…even I’ve used this phrase). But, it doesn’t help you when you don’t know H-O-W to be authentic.  This is a HUGE part of the work I do with my clients in the Branding Journey… and whether you take this journey with me, or not, I’d like you to have a window into this transformational work.

Let’s start here… “be authentic” means that you’re showing up in your business just like you’d show up with a really good friend. How do you feel when you’re with your dearest and closest friend? You don’t have to try and be anything you’re not, right? You don’t feel pressure to act or behave a certain way or dress a certain way or monitor what you say, right?  There’s this huge sense of being when you’re with your closest friend. Being– not acting or pretending.

Now… we all have certain times when we feel we need to be/act/say/behave a certain way. I’m not judging you for this. If you were to meet the queen for tea, you’d probably speak a certain way and you certainly would dress a certain way that might not reflect who you really feel you are.

See where I’m going with this?

But your personal brand is a reflection of who you are, an extension of you. So, HOW do we get to the bottom of who you really are in order to apply it to your brand?

We get perspective.

*DISCLAIMER* Getting to the bottom of who you are is a life-long quest—part of your life’s journey. And, you’re truly an infinite being that could never be defined by words or concepts, but for the sake of trying to make your business more “you” just roll with me.

So, let’s work on that perspective…

Part 1. Get outside of yourself.

We’re so inside ourselves that we’re not always sure how we’re showing up in the world, how me make others feel and how others see us. Getting outside of yourself will help you see which areas you’d like to change, where and how you’re showing up as the real you,  and what areas you can really speak to as strengths when you’re marketing your products or services.

A great way to get get that outer perspective, is to simply ask!  Ask friends/family/coworkers/past clients questions about the impact you have with them, what they’d say about you and how you make them feel. Look at pictures of yourself. Reflect on how you behave or look when you’re with one group of people you may not be close with verses a group that you feel like you really belong.

What’s the vibe you’re giving off? What’s your energy? Look for patterns. What’s coming up over and over again? Once you know how you’re showing up, you then have the power to make changes or expand on what you feel is more “you” for your brand.

Part 2. Go inside of yourself.

What are your unique experiences? Your values? Your behaviours? Hint hint… this is where the powerful tools of archetypes come in. They help us realise, or awaken to our own behaviours, feelings and emotions. They’re a guide to help you explore who you really are in your internal world, so you can bring this your awareness and apply it to your brand.

When you have a clearer idea of who you are, your brand and messaging also become more clear. And when they’re clear, your audience will have a much better idea of who you are and how you work and if you’re going to be the right fit for them.

Imagine getting on a discovery call with people who already understand this before you speak! You won’t have to try and persuade or convince them to work with you. You can just stand in your truth, knowing that they love your truth.

Ahhh-mazing, right?

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