Master your message in 3 steps

Step 2: your ideal clients

No. 2  is all about your “ideal client” or maybe better put, a dream member of your tribe.

Let me preface this by saying that your ideal client may change along your business journey…it sure as heck has for me. It’s not something that’s set in stone, but it is something you want to hone in on in order to have a strong message.

What good will your message be, if you don’t know who it’s for, right?

So, on the Branding Journey, with my 1:1 clients, we do a lot of work around who it is we want to serve.

The funnest part of this process is getting to design your dream client, so you can manifest your dream client.

Your dream client could be you when you first started your business and maybe now you’re offering something you wish you would’ve had when you started. Maybe your dream client also has traits of one or several of your past clients that you really enjoyed working with. Maybe your dream client is someone like your mom or sibling or best friend that you were able to help through a tough time and know you’d love to serve more people like her.

Once you’ve got a better idea of who your dream client is, then start coming up with more detailed information about her.

This can be broken down into 2 areas.

Area 1: Who is she (or he)?

Let’s look at the typical demographic data like…
-education level
-geographical location
-family life
-marital status

And also things like…
-favourite TV shows or movies
-what she reads
-where she shops
-what she does in her spare time
-and so on…

Area 2: What’s in her heart?

Okay maybe a bit ambiguous .. but, let’s a least look at the following areas:
-what inspires her
-where she wants to go
-what she wants to be
-what she wants to do

The next thing I do with my clients, is to have them name their dream client. That’s right, they give her (or him) a name. That way, your dream client becomes less of a number… less of a concept. Less like a nameless, faceless client shuffling through your funnel and more like a real human being. And when she is more real to you, you start communicating with her directly, and when you communicate with her directly your message becomes a hell of a lot stronger.

Don’t panic…. I know it sounds scary to narrow down your message to one particular type of person, but I promise you, you will still end up attracting others because you’ll show up with so much more confidence in what you’re saying and offering. Annnnnd…. having your dream client sorted will save you time and act as a guide for you when your creating all of your content.

Annnddddd… as you get your message out there, you’ll gain momentum with that particular type of dream client and eventually will create a tribe of dream clients that you’ll really love serving.

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