Master your message in 3 steps

Step 3: your offerings

YAY, you made it!

Thanks for joining me on the last step to my three part series  on Master your Message in 3 steps.

No. 3 is all about your offerings.

When I work on the Branding Journey with my 1:1 clients, we work around what it is they offer and how to make it all tie together with their brand, themselves and their audience.

When you have a clear idea of what you do and how you do it, it becomes a lot more understandable for your tribe. When they have a clear understanding, they can make an easy decision if you’re the right fit for them or not.

Start by asking yourself some questions about your offerings, like:

1. What are my gifts?

2. How are my gifts best utilised?

3. What are the services/products I can provide? How can I narrow these down?

4. Are my offerings inline with my brand and vision?

Now, go back to No. 2,  where I discuss your dream client [click here] and see how these services/goods really serve her. Look at her hopes and dreams and what she wants to accomplish. How can your offerings help her get one step closer to her dreams or solve a problem?

Now, go back to No. 1, where I discuss YOU [click here] . How can you make your offerings reflect the real you, so when you’re talking about them or promoting them, they’re inline with who you are?

To recap, the 3 areas we’ve discussed to creating a strong message are:

No. 1: You

No. 2: Your audience

No. 3: Your offerings

If you’re still struggling to create strong brand and message (so you can connect with your tribe, grow in confidence, and have real impact) then let’s have a chat. Book your time below and let’s see what we can do.

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