Master your message in 3 steps

So many of my clients come to me, head in hands, totally unsure of how to clarify and create their message. Especially my clients who are just starting out.

All of the experts conspire to tell us that we have to niche down and niche down and niche down and get crystal clear. They’re not wrong, but that’s not always easy, especially if you’re unsure of who you’re serving and what products/services you’re going to offer.

And…. most of us take whatever work we can get our hands on, so we can start generating an income and collecting testimonials (know what I’m sayin’??).

But, as we gain momentum and work with clients that are a great fit (as well as clients that aren’t a great fit) we start to get a better idea of who we want to serve and how we can serve them. It’s at this point that really nailing down your message is crucial!

Creating a strong message will give you confidence (which will increase your know-like-trust factor) and help your audience to understand who you are and how you can help them (critical for polarising your audience, generating sales and growing a thriving business).


1.  YOU: Get clear on who you are and how you want the outer world to view you and your business

2.  YOUR AUDIENCE: Get clear on who it is you serve and yes… niche down as much as you can and then niche down further when you’re able.

3. WHAT YOU OFFER: Get clear on what you offer and how it will help your audience. If people don’t understand this, they won’t take the time to figure it out.

When you’ve nailed your message down, don’t write it in stone.

Say what?!

If you’re just starting out, understand that YOU (if you have a personal brand) are the most foundational part of your brand. Your audience and what you offer are the variables. They are extremely important to your message and how your message is delivered, BUT.. they may change as your business pivots and grows. I’ve had to change my ideal client and I’ve also changed some of my services, so don’t be hard on yourself if over time your message changes a bit too.

To super-charge your message, make sure it’s consistent in every touch-point with your audience (be it social media posts, print materials, advertising, free content and beyond).

Want to dive into each step deeper? Move on over to my next post HERE.


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