5 ways to be more personable in your brand No. 1


Make your brand more personable No. 1


I know using video doesn’t always feel very personable because you feel like you’re addressing a larger audience, not just speaking to one person.

-Through video you’re allowing people to see into your office.

-You’re allow people to hear and see you.

-You let them see your mannerisms.

-Most importantly, video has the ability to humanise your brand and build trust.

And, it doesn’t have to just be work stuff that you share using video. You can give your audience a glimpse into your real life. Show videos of your pet, your most recent holiday, what it’s like in your office and your day-to-day, behind the scenes, something you find beauty in, and so on.

I would save the more personal videos for your social media, not so much on your website, unless it’s something you want to share on your “about me” page.   Business  related videos are great on your website, your opt-ins, or your email marketing.

Not only will others be able to relate to you through video, it also shows them that you’re not afraid to stand in front of your business.

I know that going on video can be super intimidating, so I have a couple of tips to get you going:

  1. Eye contact: Just like you’re having a conversation.. it’s important to make direct eye contact with the camera
  2. Practice: It takes practice… do it on your own, lots of times and delete as you go.. .the more you practice the more at ease you are
  3. Have an outline: it’s great to have an outline of what you want to discuss, so you stay on track, but don’t write down a script. It’s easier to be natural and connect when you’re not reading from a script.
  4. Start small and then go big: Start by making pre-recorded videos and sharing them as part of your content. When you start to build a bit of confidence, start trying FB lives in a group you feel comfortable in.
  5. Be kind: we are all super critical of the way we look and the way we sound. I was there once too.. but once you get in the flow of doing it, you start to relax a little…. and then over time you start to appreciate how you’re showing up because you’ll be able to see how your confidence grows.
  6. Build tension: If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, many times they will have you build tension first. So, before you click “record” tighten your face, squeeze your fists and create as much tension as you can in your body. Hold it for at least 5 seconds and then release. Feel the tension float away and then start recording.

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