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Grace came to me when she was breaking away to do her own Pilates instructing in the UK.  She wanted the full brand and website development. We worked closely together to build her brand from the ground up, using her unique combination of the Lover and Spiritual archetypes. We used these to help guide us in finding inspiration, creating the mood of her brand and designing her site and print materials. Her brand is all about movement, elegance and finding your strength from within. 


Working with Grace’s unique combination of archetypes helped us to build the foundations of her brand. Her brand is fluid, tactile, and spiritual.  It was a given that her brand was called “Move with Grace.”We infused this into everything from her copy to her visuals and more. 


We used a lot of movement and animation in her site to fit in with her brand’s look and feel. We also stuck to her brand colours of pale pinks, black, white and a hint of red.


Grace and I continue to work on more print materials now that she has her own studio. We have developed flyers, Facebook ads, print ads in local magazines and papers and business cards.



Grace’s brand needed to reflect her personality, whilst also addressing the needs, emotions and wants of her ideal clients. We injected a sense of love, elegance, movement and strength into every element of her visual brand – from her colour palette to her typography, logo, imagery and more.







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“Kate was an essential link in starting my own Pilates studio; she truly helped shape, refine, and clarify my business through branding, logo design, and website creation. I felt immediately understood and connected with Kate, and her work has made my studio and business feel like a true extension of myself. I am so happy to be growing my Pilates studio with such good branding as a strong base!

Couldn’t have done it without you Kate – thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Grace Best, Owner

Move With Grace Pilates



Grace’s website needed to be elegant, fluid, and tactile. I incorporated small touches of animation to each page and within imagery to convey motion and flow.

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