What is branding and why do I need it?

+10 essential tips to building a dream brand for your business




What is a brand?

If we dive right in, a brand is a culmination of elements that a business creates to stand out in their industry and to connect emotionally with its potential clients.

Branding is a combination of your business’s imagery, colours, logo, graphics, voice, message, values, behaviour, ads, & anything else you develop that really shows your audience who you are, what you’re about, how you can help them and what they can expect from you.

Sounds pretty complex, right?

In a simpler time, creating a brand would have involved designing a logo, coming up with a slogan and maybe choosing some colours. A lot of business owners still think this way. If this is you, don’t worry, just stick with me. 

We’re getting bombarded with messages.

Not only that, our tastes are pretty diverse and we can order whatever we want, whenever we want, at the global level. That my friends, is a lot of clutter and competition.

Fear not, there is a way to be seen and heard.

The one advantage you have, that will help you stand out, is that there is ONLY ONE YOU. You are unique, the way in which you offer your services/products is unique and there are people out there waiting for you!

The key is to develop a brand that makes an emotional connection to your audience.

But, it’s not about manipulation. We want to show them who you are but also connect with their needs, wants, vision, and struggles. We can do this through creating a completely authentic brand and offering services in a way that will benefit your audience the most.

Before you jump into designing a logo or making that website….

…you need to have a pretty good grasp of what your business is trying to achieve and how you want it to be portrayed to your audience. You also need a vision of where you’re going and how you’re going to take your audience along for the ride. If you’re in the early stages of trying to figure out who you are and what service you’re going to offer, then hold off on that logo and website until you have a better idea. 

Here are some of my top tips for creating your dream brand:

1. Define your magnetic sentence- Why you do what you do, how you do it, what you do, and who do you help.

2. Think about your ideal client- are they moms/women/etc..who are they likely to be? What are their desires/fears/dreams?

3. Research what others in the industry are doing and look for any gaps in offerings.

4. Really lay out what you can offer and how it’s unique.

5. Think about how your audience is feeling before they approach you. How can you help with their frustrations?

 6. Stay consistent with your verbal and visual content because it builds a strong understanding of your business (and a lot of trust).

7. If you have a personal brand, make sure it matches up with you and not someone else. What are your unique traits that you can infuse into your brand?

8. Tell your story!  A great way to be personable, real, and unique is to tell your story. It will help strengthen that emotional understanding and people like it when they can relate to you and your journey.

9. Pull together your advertisements, colours, logo, graphics, imagery, blog, fonts, etc…and make sure that they all are true to your brand and the message and vision you want to share

10. Get input from past/current clients about you.. why did they choose you? Why did they contact you? AND Ask them what they were struggling with and how they felt.


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