WordPress vs Website Builder

+how to decide which is best for you and your biz

Ready to refresh your website, but not sure which platform is right?

With so many great options out there, getting your website refreshed  really doesn’t have to be hard.

Now, before we we start, I have one question for you…..

Are you clear on your brand?

Your brand is how your ideal clients view your business. In other words…’s a combination of your business values, message, offerings, personality, mission, visual/verbal elements, and overall emotions you want to invoke when people come into contact with your brand. If you need help with your brand, have a read of my post HERE.

Don’t throw away your money!

I say this, because you can design a website, on any platform you wish, but unless it’s speaking to the people you know you can serve and want to attract, then it’s not going to work for you.  It also has to be consistent, cohesive and clearly aligned with your brand, to build up your know-like-trust factor and to make you stand out.


Before we get into pros and cons of each platform, let me describe the differences between what they are.


You might hear CMS get thrown around a lot, but what does Content Management System actually mean? For our purposes here, we’re going to talk about a Web CMS or WCMS like WordPress. CMS is a web based application you would use to build your website, maintain your site and create new content for your site.

Some popular CMS are:

-Backdrop CMS
-Concrete 5
-Mod x
and many many more.


A website builder is an application using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) drop-and-drag functionality to design your website.

Some popular website builders are:

-1 & 1
-Site 123
and many many more…

So, which is right for you?


click on the tabs to reveal the pros/cons of each type of website

CMS like WordPress

  • extremely flexible
  • if you can code, the possibilities for creation/design are endless
  • huge array of themes (skins) created by developers for purchase or sometimes free
  • an indefinite amount of plug-ins to add functionality to your site
  • you can shop around for the best hosting prices and switch hosting companies
  • you can change your theme at any time
  • a lot more control over the fuctionality of your site
  • you need coding knowledge (at least a little and be resourceful for what you need)
  • because you buy your theme from one place, your hosting from another and you’re using WordPress, you have to know where your issues are coming from and where to go for help. 
  • WordPress sites need updating and backing up. They are more high maintenance.
  • They are more complicated for e-commerce sites

Website Builder like Wix + Squarespace

  • easy-to-use templates
  • don’t need any coding knowledge
  • WYSIWYG drop and drag functions are user friendly
  • no backing-up or updating required
  • your theme, hosting, email, etc.. is all under one roof
  • If you have any issues, you only have to contact one support team for help
  • many offer a free version (with their ads)
  • easier set-up for ecommerce sites
  • not nearly as flexible for design as WordPress
  • less control over what happens with your site
  • hosting is usually more expensive
  • sometimes they can be slower to load
  • you can’t transfer your site elsewhere. So if you become unhappy and want to switch to another platform, you’ll have to completely redesign your site.

All you need to do is answer 2 important questions.

  1. What do I want my website to do?
  2. Do I have coding knowledge?

If your website is an e-commerce site or just informational, and you’re not reinventing the wheel with the type of website you want, then using a website builder would a great option. You have support, you can easily make changes to your site and you don’t need coding knowledge. In my opinion, this far outweighs the higher hosting cost. But, be warned you won’t be able to move it to another platform. You can move the domain but will have to get the whole site redesigned if you want it hosted somewhere else.

If you have a lot of coding knowledge, want your website to have a lot of functionality, and want the flexibility in design capabilities and the ability to move and change it when needed, then a CMS is a great option for you.

And remember… if you’re going to have a stab DIY’ing your site

1. Keep it in line with your brand

2. Make sure it’s easy-to-use for your clients

3. Make sure it helps convert your visitors into clients

If you’re unsure of how to design/refresh a site that is right for you and the people you are trying to attract, let’s chat about it on a free 15 minute call! Just book HERE.

All my love,

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